The fact that housing prices have been increasing drastically makes it more challenging for people with a more limited budget. A basic furnished apartment with 2 bedrooms in centrally located districts is almost 10 times worth more than what a standard office man earns monthly. So what is smarter to buy a house or to live on rent?

The answer to whether to buy or to rent a house is pretty much divided. They do have their own pros and cons but what is ideal and smart at the moment to act on is hard to tell. Let’s dig into it with Hoozing considering the following factor that might change your perspectives and help with your decision-making.

1 Cost

For the time being, the cost of renting an apartment is rather reasonable compared to the cost of buying the same apartment. Usually, the rental price of an apartment per year fluctuates around 5% versus the value of the apartment. With reasonable rental costs, quite a lot of young customers tend to rent and spend extra expenses to invest in something else. This approach seems to be generally suitable for young people with knowledge of business and proper investment.

Meanwhile, the cost of buying a home that either requires upfront payment with a large amount of money or in installments over many years makes things much more difficult, challenging, and stressing out for young customers who have to accumulate monthly to pay up their debts. In addition, the cost of designing, modification, maintenance, etc is also something. It is understandable that when one defines a house as their own, he is most likely to upgrade and invest in it making it just better and better. However, knowing that the value of real estate simply increases over the years, purchasing a home now is like having a saving account that means you can have a valuable asset over a certain period of time.

2 Flexibility and stability 

It is more flexible when renting out a house, especially if you have to move around often. From company transfer, school transfer, moving house, moving to another city for personal purposes, etc. There are always better options for everyone with conveniences, besides picking a new neighborhood that is close to where you work, save your time commuting. Tenants can also experience such variety of plenty of home design styles and levels of comfort. Newly built apartments along with good services are usually priorities.

Without doubts, it is more stable when you have a house on your own. Imagine how you have a fixed living space, you are less likely to have to worry about constantly searching for a place to rent. It does not matter if your landlord no longer wants to rent out the room or whatever the issues are without having you mutually agree on. You stay more proactive with designing your home as to how you like it to be. You can also purchase furniture without considering the process of moving your furniture when constantly changing your addresses.

In addition, with such stability in your family life and familiar locations, it helps you stay more focused on your career and other aspects of life. However, you may find it a bit daunting if the workplace is too far or simply after you bought off the house, you do not find the area suits you anymore. As the result, trying to put it on sale and finding a new spot add more works now. It is just more complicated than renting a place. Some other customers, in the meantime, choose a more “neutral” option. They bought a house then rent it out. It saves them some money every month while the location of their workplace or family’s needs is no longer a worry for them. 

3 Psychological factors

To own a house makes it more stable. Nonetheless, customers who bought the property in installments or those who had to borrow the money to purchase the house might face inevitable stresses over extra expenses monthly. Let alone unexpected events occur that require extra pay. Renting is fairly flexible, yet people tend to move quite frequently. Consequently, barely anyone wishes to invest in solid interiors even though they are the ones living in the dwelling. There are millions of reasons that people prefer to move lots. Perhaps due to better-conditioned accommodation that they have just found, better living area with more conveniences. Some others simply just want a backup plan in case there are any disagreements with their landlords. It is obvious that since monthly rental is much more doable, the customers will find it less intense working on their financial plan. That means there should be more opportunities for investment as well as business development. In conclusion, buying or renting a home are just decisions to make just like any other choices in life.

In conclusion…

The key here is to pinpoint what your family’s interests are, your work, and your lifestyle, to know what youo want, what the next steps are, etc. Keep in mind that the so-called home that can support your career development, your physical and mental health is always a good choice whether it is rented or purchased.

With Hoozing , we are 24/7 available on both our website and our app along with more than 50k properties both for rent and for buy. We offer you our housing options, transparent services, professional tips, and help from experts every week. We truly hope that we can help you enable a faster and more efficient relocation here in Vietnam.

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