In light of recent government announcements about the Covid-19 pandemic, group and in-person inspections are currently limited in HCMC so renting apartments can be quite frustrating and stressful at this time. To continue to view properties online, Hoozing is now introducing ONLINE HOME INSPECTION SERVICE to show our customers all the apartment features you want to see. We believe this solution will benefit both landlords, customers and agents for this public health awareness, health protection and time-saving. 

Hoozing offers 360-degree apartment photos on our website listing and virtual tours by live-streaming from our agents. Moreover, we have many exclusive deals at various modern apartments in HCM with a DISCOUNT up to 20 PERCENT on monthly rent (for new sign-ups and re-contract only). And we just announced this new service in our latest video. Please check it out!

With 3 steps below, you’re all set to move into a new apartment with stress-free, time-and-money saving this season:

Online Home Inspection Process of Hoozing
Online Home Inspection Process of Hoozing


???? Getting sick of spending days darting between inspections? Virtual inspections allow you to browse the properties at your leisure. Booking virtual tours with Hoozing agents now and get many special offers from us now.

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