Being a real estate agent is not an easy-peasy job at all. Reputation is the first thing you might need to sacrifice once having the title, mainly because of the common prejudices that result from unethical acts from a high number of people working in this high-margin-profit industry.

Apart from that, the problems arise on a daily basis when working with customers and landlords pose heavy weight on their shoulders and therefore discourage many new comers.

It’s not difficult trying to put yourself in a situation when the customers cancelled their visits out of a sudden or came one or two hours late. The agents would be the one who need to apologise to the angry owners for the time wasted. Or another common case is when customers back out after the negotiation and stop responding to the calls or messages, leaving the agents in such a troubling position where they might risk losing the relationship with the landlords. On top of that, the attitude from a few snobbish customers make the agents feel like their works are being looked down on.

Tired real estate trying to contact his customers

Most of those who remain are the ones strongly driven by the need to make ends meet, while only a few continue because they see the value and purpose in the job.

However, as any other occupation in the world, there are also many perks, benefits and happy moments that a real estate agent can have. Besides having some insiders deal for friends and families, their salaries and working environments are relatively better than many people from other sectors. Moreover, those who are dedicated to the job can feel happiness and satisfaction every time they help a customer find the perfect home or an owner get a long-term rent contract signed.

Committed real estate agents feel satisfaction in their job

A week ago one of the agents we know even shared with us his story of hanging out with one customer after office hour. They drank smoothies in a small alley on Nguyen Thi Minh Khai street and had interesting conversation from the massive fish death in Vietnam to the recent progress of U.S. Presidential Election.