• 1. What is Hoozing?

    Hoozing - technology real estate company is a pioneer in building the transparent real estate market and promoting easy and fast transactions in Vietnam’s real estate market through a technology-based breakthrough led by a team of experts. With the motto "Can say, can do", Hoozing has launched a series of typical technology products:

    • HIPS - The real estate business operation system has been used for more than 5 years
    • Agent App - A platform to connect and trade with over 10,000 agents 
    • Hoozing App - Online real estate shopping and renting application that helps customers easily search for real estate, anytime, anywhere.

    Hoozing is committed to being Accurate, Transparent, Efficient and Professional on all information, products and services that we offer. Enthusiastic sales staff are committed to consulting and serving customers quickly, promptly and most conscientiously. To achieve the ultimate mission is that everyone makes the right decisions and has a satisfying trading experience at Hoozing.

  • 2. What are the different points of Hoozing?

    Those things that make Hoozing stand out from the rest of the market is its outstanding advantages in terms of technology platform. Work with Hoozing, you will be supported:

    • Optimized real estate search: With a rich database of thousand locations for buy and rent, Hoozing helps customers easily and conveniently row in choosing the basic filters for service search. Searches may include finding apartments, houses, prices, Wi-Fi, pets, gym, etc.
    • 360-degree home tour experience: Hoozing offers sightseeing service 360-degree view completely free, allowing you to preview everything, spaces, nooks, and crannies of real estate on computer screens or smartphones, for a real experience as if you were right there. This also reduces time and effort of finding a house/apartment compared to the traditional way.
    • Reviews and ratings: To ensure an honest and trustworthy experience for customers, Hoozing has integrated feedback and rating system for agents or each property with the spirit of always listening, improving to bring the best service to customers.

  • 3. Why should you choose Hoozing?

    Coming to Hoozing, you will have real buying and renting experiences real estate that are quick and easy with careful advice from the professional brokers who are well trained and have a deep understanding of the real estate market.
    You will also receive policies for buying and selling real estate with incentives, clean legal, reputable investors,...

  • 4. Where is Hoozing located?

    Hoozing is currently present in Ho Chi Minh City with 5 offices located in District 1, District 2, District 7, and Binh Thanh District. 

  • 5. How can I contact Hoozing?

    If you want to lease/buy or deposit apartments, even though you are an agent - you can contact Hoozing via: 
    Hotline: 1900 3100
    Fanpage for leasing: https://www.facebook.com/Hoozing 
    Fanpage for buying: https://www.facebook.com/HoozingVietnam/ 
    Fanpage for agents: https://www.facebook.com/hoozingagent.official/ 
    Download Hoozing App: https://hoozing.onelink.me/5FV2/f59c073a  (both IOS & Android) 
    Download Agent App: https://hoozing.page.link/PXmpEkLurgq52MYo6 (both IOS & Android)

  • 6. What’s the Hoozing App?

    Hoozing App is a mobile app for buying and leasing real estate for landlords and customers who want to buy or lease apartments. Now Hoozing App is used on 2 management systems IOS & Android. 
    Even though Hoozing App has just launched by May this year but until September 2020 Hoozing App has more than +49,000 downloads and +20,000 registration. 
    Download Hoozing App through https://hoozing.onelink.me/5FV2/f59c073a  (both IOS & Android) 

  • 7. What are the outstanding points of the Hoozing App?

    With Hoozing App, the registration process, consultation or all leasing/buying transactions are fast, convenient and easy. Hoozing App will assist you:
    If you are a landlord: 
    Hoozing App allows you to post information for leasing and buying easily and effectively. Hoozing will support your professional photography package for free.
    Besides, the comparison feature on the Hoozing App also helps you to get the most accurate valuation of your real estate. Paying your electricity bills and management fees is also easy on the Hoozing App.
    If you are a customer who wants to buy/rent
    The Hoozing App allows you to preview your favorite properties through vivid 360 images, sharp 4K video. You can also book a home infection appointment on the app after choosing a good real estate.
    Besides, the Hoozing App also has a loan interest feature that automatically recommends real estate at the same price range you are looking to buy. Linking major banks with constantly updated interest rates, absolute accuracy and many extremely preferential and exclusive loan programs available only on the Hoozing App.
    In addition, the application also provides the latest news on the real estate market and advisory category to help users have more interesting experiences on the Hoozing App.
    Download Hoozing App https://hoozing.onelink.me/5FV2/f59c073a (both IOS & Android)

  • 8. Are there any fees to use the Hoozing App to post news?

    Currently, posting real estate rental and sale on the Hoozing App is completely free, you just need to register for an account to reach thousands of customers on the Hoozing application. Your news after being posted will be reviewed quickly within 24 hours to ensure the integrity and quality. You will also easily manage properties wherever you are.
    Download Hoozing App https://hoozing.onelink.me/5FV2/f59c073a (both IOS & Android)

  • 9. Where is Hoozing providing apartment rental service now?

    Hoozing provides apartment rental services mainly in Ho Chi Minh City, in densely populated central districts such as District 1, District 2, District 4, District 7, Binh Thanh District as well as other areas in the city. 

  • 10. What types of real estate is Hoozing currently selling and leasing?

    Coming to Hoozing, you will have many options to find an apartment or your dream house includes:

    • Utility apartment fully furnished with 1-2-3-4 bedrooms, the price depends on the area.
    • Penthouse apartment located on high-rise buildings, overlooking the whole city.
    • Officetel - multifunctional apartment model, can both work in the office and relax, stay overnight.
    • Villa
    • Townhouse 

  • 11. What is Hoozing's minimum rental period?

    Hoozing is currently leasing long-term apartments for at least 6 months. 

  • 12. How can I find to buy or rent an apartment?

    You can find apartment information on the website https://www.hoozing.com  or download Hoozing App (at Google Play or App store) with a wide selection for apartments (location, type of apartment, color, price, convenient facilities...).
        To rent an apartment in Hoozing you need to contact Hoozing through the hotline or fanpage, then our staff will contact to support you. If you have downloaded Hoozing App, you can choose "request apartment" on the App through the registration form.

  • 13. How do landlords list information on selling or leasing an apartment in Hoozing?

    The landlords can contact us, leave leasing and selling requests via website or leave a message on the Hoozing Fanpage. Then, our staff will contact you to confirm the information within 24 hours. In addition, Hoozing also provides other services such as high-tech photography with 360-degree overview for free.
        After having information and pictures of the apartment, our property department will post on the Hoozing Website and when a customer wants to see the apartment, the Hoozing staff will contact the landlord again to show the customer actual apartments.

  • 14. How will the procedure for buying or leasing a house in Hoozing?

    Our agents will guide customers to the real home where you can find the comfort and meet their demand. After the customer closes the purchase or lease, Hoozing staff will mediate the creation of a sale or lease agreement between the landlord and the customer (including agreement on price, contract term and other issues as agreed by the two parties). Then will sign the contract and make a payment.
        Usually a contract includes a deposit. For rental transactions, the 2-month deposit will be refunded by the landlord immediately after the expiration of lease term and has a deducted fee for disposing of damages and losses, plus 1 month's rent for the first month. For sales transactions, the deposit will be as agreed between landlord and customer, and will be deducted from the total sale price for the next payments.
        Before moving in, customers should check and sign the handover record including items, furniture and apartment condition to avoid damage and repair after receiving the house.

  • 15. Does Hoozing have after-sales service?

    Hoozing is still protecting for customers’ interests, supporting after signing contract, handling contract with the landlord, extending the contract, ... 

    If you have any questions during the contract period, you can send information to Hoozing’s hotline or email for quick support.

  • 16. Does Hoozing assist customers with re-signing lease contracts?

    Hoozing will support customers to renew their lease, we will contact one month in advance for customers about to expire for the best support.

  • 17. Does the landlord have to go through all formalities in advance before allowing foreigners to rent?

    To prepare all formalities  in advance before allowing foreigners to rent houses and apartments as well as for the signing of contracts smoothly, you need to prepare:
        ● The landlord needs to register a Business Household Registration Certificate
        According to Vietnamese law, when the landlord becomes a lessor, they are considered an individual business household. Therefore, the landlord needs to register a Business Household Registration Certificate and pay all taxes related to running their business as other businesses.
        The landlord also needs to prepare documents for temporary residence registration for foreigners.
        ● Prepare the papers after registering a Business Household Registration Certificate
        The preparation of documents after the business registration will include Proof of Homeowner and Identification Card of the landlord.
        ● Prepare necessary documents and procedures, including: 
    The declaration form of temporary absence for foreigners
    Labor passports (visa) with valid period of stay in Vietnam
    Order and security registration issued by the County Police
        Business Household Registration Certificate
    Certificate of ownership of the lessor's house
    Notarized identity card of the head of household.

  • 18. What customer services do Hoozing provide?

    For the lease transaction, Hoozing will assist in making the lease contract between the tenant and the landlord, helping the tenant to register residents in the building, temporary registration at the ward police. In addition, Hoozing also guides tenants how to pay electricity, water, parking fees, management fees.
    For purchase and sale transactions, Hoozing will support to work with developers, banks, notary offices to provide the most accurate and fast transfer procedures for customers. In addition, Hoozing also guides customers how to pay electricity, water, parking fees, management fees.

  • 19. How can I get advice on the real estate projects that Hoozing is distributing?

    To receive detailed advice on the real estate projects that Hoozing is distributing, please leave your information or contact:
    Hotline: 090 666 3265 (Viber/Zalo)
    Fanpage for sale: https://www.facebook.com/HoozingVietnam/
    Email: sales@hoozing.com

  • 20. What is the consulting process to buy new real estate projects at Hoozing?

    Step 1: Please leave your information including name, phone number or address on the Fanpage of Sale Department or call Hotline: 090 666 3265 (Viber/Zalo)
    Step 2: Hoozing's customer support team will support you to connect with your agent, then you will be provided with information about the project by our professional selling team as well as answering related questions.
    Step 3: Hoozing will assist you in completing contracts and procedures with the project owner quickly, taking care and solving problems arising after the purchase.

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