First of all, Hoozing would like to thank you for your interest, inquiry and desire to use our services. We hope that before using the site, please take a few minutes to read and understand the following Terms of Agreement. This Terms of Agreement is beneficial for both parties. Hoozing will automatically understand that the access and use of the Hoozing.com website system is a consent to the Hoozing Terms and Agreement.


This Terms of Agreement is signed between Hoozing and any individual organization or other entity, who accesses or uses the Hoozing.com website (collectively called the "User" or "You").


Hoozing.com is a website designed for information on real estate and related fields. Hoozing.com contains or may contain information, news, opinions, text, graphics, links, electronic art products, animations, sounds, videos, software, pictures, music, sound and other content, data (collectively called "content") is formatted, organized and collected in a variety of user-accessible formats, including information on the website of Hoozing.com.



1. Liability and restrictions for users


     1.1 User Responsibility


You agree to access and use the Hoozing.com website only for lawful purposes. It is your responsibility to understand and comply with all laws, regulations, rules and regulations pertaining to: (1) the use of the network or any other service linked to the Hoozing.com website, (2) your use of the Hoozing.com website, including any interactive area (3) means of communication by which you connect your modem, computer or other devices to the Hoozing.com website.


       1.2 Restrictions on Users


By accessing the Hoozing.com website, you agree not to:


  • Use any device, software, process, or means to interfere or attempt to interfere with the correct functioning of Hoozing.com;
  • Restricting or preventing others from using and enjoying interactive features on the website Hoozing.com;
  • Take any action that overwhelms the traffic to Hoozing.com's infrastructure which we consider illegal.
  • Sending or disseminating improper, illegal, threatening, abusive, defamatory, obscene, or obscene information that encourages criminal acts that cause civil liability or violate any law;
  • Sending or transmit information or documents relating to infringements of the rights of others, including privacy and publicity, trade names or other proprietary rights without prior permission of the owner or party with legal rights;
  • Sending or transmit any information, software or document that contains a virus or other harmful component;
  • Freely change, delete any content not owned by you; or obstructing others from accessing website Hoozing.com;
  • Transferring spam, survey information, public media, contest information and other types of information, whether for commercial purposes or not;
  • Disrupts the normal flow of information during an interaction;
  • Freedom to speak freely with or on behalf of a business, association, institution or organization that has not been authorized to declare that relationship;
  • Violates any rule, policy or manual of your Internet service provider or online services;

Hoozing reserves the right to take any legal action with one of the above violations. Our actions include using technological barriers or reporting your behavior to competent authorities to prevent unauthorized access and use of Hoozing.com.



2. Intellectual property rights


You acknowledge Content on the Hoozing.com website is generally provided by Hoozing, its personal contributor to the content, third party licensees, and / or other users. You acknowledge that the Hoozing.com website permits access to copyrighted content, trade names and other proprietary rights (including "Intellectual Property Rights"), and acknowledge intellectual property rights. it is valid and protected in all existing media and thereafter, except as expressly stated below, your use of the content will be governed by all copyright property laws and other current wisdom.

You absolutely may not alter, copy, simulate, transmit, distribute, or publish any part of the content or all of it in any form of display, transfer, or exploitation for commercial purposes. Although you may: (1) create and distribute reasonable copies of content, in printed or electronic form for internal use, in whole or in part. Any authorized copies of content must be reproduced in an immutable form any notices contained in the content, such as all Intellectual Property Rights notices and information sources, initially for the "Hoozing.com website" and its web address (URL), (2) printing a copy of each piece of content, (3) making reasonable volume copies in digital or form other so that your computer hardware and software can access and view the content.

You acknowledge that you will not acquire any Intellectual Property Rights from downloading to printing content on the Hoozing.com website.


Content Provided by User


All content offered can only be uploaded to any Interactive Area or transmitted, sent, published, simulated via the Hoozing.com website with the consent of the Intellectual Property Rights holder, with express authorization. is clear about distribution on the Internet and on the website Hoozing.com without any restrictions. Without the consent of the content copyright owner, you may not include a statement such as “copyrighted by [name of owner]; used by authorization ”.


By submitting content to any Interactive Area, you automatically accept and / or warrant that the owner of such content, either you, or a third party, has granted the Hoozing.com website the right and royalty-free, permanent, unchangeable, non-exclusive, unlimited use, simulation, alteration, modification, publication, translation, creation of derivative works, license sublicense, distribute, perform and display such content, in whole or in part, around the world and / or combine it with other jobs in any form, via existing media or technology. at or to later develop under the full term of any Intellectual Property Rights in that content. You also authorize the Hoozing.com website to sublicense a third party with unlimited rights to exercise any of the above rights with respect to such content. You also allow users to access, view, save and re-simulate content for private use. You also authorize the Hoozing.com website to use your company name and logo for marketing purposes.



3. Interactive areas


You must understand that the Hoozing.com website cannot control all the messages and information distributed to interactive zones, and that Hoozing.com may give you and other users the ability to create and manage an interactive space different areas of interaction because it allows feedback to the Hoozing.com website and real-time interaction between users.


However, the Hoozing.com website, its parent company, or affiliates, nor their respective directors, officers, employees and agents will be responsible for any content in any interactive area. period. This Terms of Agreement, any additional rules, any Interactive Zone operational procedures established by you or another user govern your use and management of an Interactive Zone. The Hoozing.com website cannot, and does not intend to, screen communications in advance. In addition, the Hoozing.com website is also unable to pre-determine the accuracy or suitability of these Terms of Agreement regarding any content transmitted within the Interactive Area because the Hoozing.com website encourages open communication. and unbiased in interactive regions.


Although the Hoozing.com website is not responsible for policing, screening, editing, browsing or monitoring any content within an Interactive Area, you also agree that the Hoozing.com website reserves the right to monitor any content. Interactive Area, from time to time disclosing certain information if required by legal requirement, or other government request for the operation of the Interactive Area, or to protect itself or other users. Hoozing.com commits to carefully investigate, remove or request users to remove such content if it is notified that the content cited is inconsistent with this Agreement. Whenever Hoozing.com believes that a user (1) violates the then standard terms of this Agreement or any other standard in the policy in force at Hoozing.com, (2) prejudice the rights of all users, the Hoozing.com website, or third parties, (3) violates applicable law, (4) or otherwise does not; The Hoozing.com website will reserve the right to prohibit the actions, transmission of news or content within the Interactive Area, or to compose, refuse to submit, or remove any Content, in whole or in part with privileges by Hoozing.



4. Termination of contract agreement


Your sole right is to stop accessing the Hoozing.com website when you are not satisfied with any of the Hoozing.com website's policies, principles or practices in the operation of the website, or any changes to the content. When the Hoozing.com Website believes you are in violation of the Terms of Agreement, violating any policies or guidelines that the Hoozing.com website has put in place, or taking other actions that are harmful to the Hoozing.com website and its users. For other uses, the website system may terminate or temporarily suspend your access to all or any part of the Hoozing.com website without notice of action.


According to the privilege, the Hoozing.com Website has the exclusive right to suspend operation and terminate this Terms of Agreement without notice at any time and for any reason. In the event of termination, you are no longer authorized to access the Hoozing.com website, even the areas of interaction and content downloaded from Hoozing.com will be restricted, as well as disclaimers of rights and The limits of liability set forth in this agreement are still valid.



5. Links


You understand that except for the content, products and services available on the Hoozing.com website, with the content, goods or services of other sites on the Internet connected to or from the Hoozing.com website, the company Parent, or affiliates, as well as the respective directors, employees, employees and controlling agents, will not be liable. All such content, goods and services are accessible on the Internet by independent third parties and are not part of the Hoozing.com website or controlled by Hoozing.com. The use of the information is at your own risk and the sole responsibility of independent third parties, the Hoozing.com website does not endorse nor assume responsibility for its accuracy, completeness, usefulness, the quality and availability of any content, goods or services available on sites linked to or from the Hoozing.com website.


For any loss or damage caused by or allegedly caused by your use or reliance on any content, goods or services contained on any site linked to or from the Hoozing website .com or because you cannot access the Internet or any site connected to or from the Hoozing.com website, it is not the liability, directly or indirectly, of the Hoozing.com Website, the parent company, or affiliates, or their respective directors, employees, employees and agents.



6. Indemnify


You agree to pay and waive the Hoozing.com website, its parent company and its affiliates, directors, employees, employees and agents, respectively, all liability and claim. inquiries and costs, including reasonable attorneys' fees, arising out of a breach of these Terms of Agreement, from any other policy, from your use or access to the Hoozing.com website or the internet site is connected to or from the Hoozing.com website, or to transmit any content on the Hoozing.com website.



7. Other problems


The entire agreement between the Hoozing.com website and you, and any prior subject replacement agreements are these Terms of Agreement. The Hoozing.com website may review the Terms of Agreement or any related policy at any time and this review will be effective for 2 days by submitting notice of such review on the Hoozing website. com. If you do not accept these modifications and agree to accept the Periodic Terms of Agreement review, you must discontinue visiting the Hoozing.com website. Your continued access and use of the Hoozing.com website following notice of any such modifications shall be conclusively deemed acceptance of all such modifications.


Failure of the Hoozing website to require or enforce strict implementation of all terms of these Terms of Agreement shall not be deemed a waiver of the term or any right.


Thank you very much for your interest, read this Agreement and thank you for using Hoozing.com's services. Hopefully you will find useful and relevant information on the Hoozing.com website


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