Hoozing is a startup which has been operating for two and a half year carries an ambitious vision and mission, Organizing real estate market by bringing transparency and accessibility.

The vision and mission were orchestrated because, for years, the Vietnamese real estate market is full of unreal and deceiving real estate information on the Internet, which had been frustrating people and impacting negatively on the macro market.

workplace-and-hoozingTo achieve the long-term objective of the organization, at Hoozing, we are verifying and reorganizing the listings’ information on the website and upgrading the agent service to create a healthy and trustful real estate market.


What helps Hoozing survive and develop until today?

In this information age, communication certainly plays an important role in the success of the company because it affects directly many aspects of the organization. These aspects are the information exchange, the relationship among employees, the preparation, and execution of plans and policies which are the key factors helping the company reach goals and development.

Realizing the importance of communication, in the early days, Hoozing focused seriously on choosing the most productive communication tool. After trying the different communicating platforms, finally, Hoozing decided to build up the organization’s communication on Workplace Facebook.

Workplace Facebook is created with the belief, ‘Anything is possible when people work together.’ Therefore, on Workplace, all individuals within an organization are enabled to share ideas, brainstorm, and achieve more together thank the familiar features and various innovative business tools.


By using Workplace, Hoozing has gained lasting benefits which are fastening internal communication, efficient and effective exchange information, and the strong relationship among all Hoozingers. The video below will illustrate clearly how Workplace helps Hoozing with daily internal communication:

It has been almost two years since Hoozing started using Workplace. It is totally true to admit that Workplace has contributed tremendously to the today Hoozing.

           Thank you Workplace for being with us!


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