It was such an honor for HOOZING to be chosen as The Best Innovation And Technology Southeast Asia 2020 (The innovative creative investment unit and the best technological application in Southeast Asia 2020) by Dot Property Southeast Asia Awards 2020.

Hoozing has got major success in 2020.

On the evening of Dec 17 at The Reverie Saigon, there occurred the annual prize-giving ceremony called Dot Property Southeast Asia Awards 2020 for winners in Vietnam. This prize belongs to the biggest real estate reward system in southeast Asia. In order to honor units with respectable contributions for the real estate market to southeast Asian countries.

Mr. Le Huynh Nhut Hai, CEO also representative from Hoozing, receiving an honorable award.

Attendees include ranking managers from 14 units who have won different prizes, prizing consultants, experts, sponsors, media partners with journalists from multiple channels. Hoozing has beaten other competitors in an excellent way to finally win a prize, an award from Dot Property Southeast Asia Awards 2020 as The innovative, creative unit with the best technological application in Southeast Asia 2020.

The winner is considered a symbol, a great sample within the real estate market as they have overcome certain difficulties during the pandemic which has been causing numerous inevitable problems both financially and socially. Though thanks to well-grounded determination to be creative and innovative no matter what, they are still on the track and slowly but surely, scoring better and better. With the situation we are in, innovation and creativity do not only help with an alpha leap but also make a significant practical change for the matter of “do it or forever gone”.

Hoozing was born from true values.

Being found in 2015, Hoozing is known as a technological real estate agent who is also a leading company in building transparency for the real estate market. Hoozing firmly speeds up Vietnamese real estate trades, makes it easier, more smooth, and faster via the latest breakthrough in a technological base led by outstanding experts

Hoozing has 5 branches so far (mostly in HCM city center), which are located in d1 d2, d7, Binh Thanh with handy, experienced staff. The company’s website, on average, deals with more than 300.000 clicks, 70.000 downloads on Hoozing App from more than 40.000 users monthly.

Speaking at the prize-giving ceremony, Mr. Le Huynh Nhut Hai Co-Founder and Ceo from HOOZING affirmed: “From the very first day, Hoozing has always kept in mind that everything that we do, has to bring values to our clients. That we always listen, we understand, we care to help resolve problems if any even if it’s just a little tiny thing. The values you offer to your clients are the sound cornerstones so that you can go further in the future.

Ceo Le Huynh Nhut Hai is speaking at the event.

The representative also said: “This award is also a huge reward for our non-top efforts for the past 5 years to Hoozing, this is going to be a great support, a motivation that helps Hoozing grow faster and better in delivering exceptional quality service hence becoming the best real estate agency using advanced technology in Southeast Asia.”

Managerial team receives an honorable award.

Looking back on 2020, despite the whole world has been struggling to handle the ongoing COVID 19 outbreak, we are confident to say this is a breakthrough year for Hoozing as they did not only overcome obstacles but also brought a refreshing wave, an insight with solid, valuable products for the real estate market in Vietnam

With the application of smart real estate mart app from Hoozing aka real estate buying and selling app, non-charged renting, Hoozing does help everyone search, rent, sell and/or buy off properties easier and more conveniently no matter where they are with the most decent deals they can have.

Hoozing app is the first leading app with advanced technology that helps shape and transform the real estate industry. Along with a smart filter system, 3D images, virtual reality technology, bank intertest calculating tool, preeminent suggesting evaluator based on Big Data technology, Hoozing integrates online payment basis in order to meet any and every single clients’ needs regarding virtual payment service and all kinds of payment that relates to the Real Estate business.

Hoozing products are carefully double-checked in order to provide accurate information before they get into the hands of the users.

Another Hoozing application that has become a strong right hand to real estate agencies is Hoozing Agent. This is a basis that enables access to shopping carts of more than 65.000 properties, helping agencies effectively manage daily business. Moreover, with the power of the App, interacting amongst agencies is now more accessible and convenient than ever with more than 10.000 agency units. Being up to 60% of your commission is now a reality with Hoozing App.

Recently, Hoozing has just released a website version with multiple surpassing features such as more than 65.000 premium properties have been categorized with strategy and updated every 5 minutes, impressive 3D virtual housing tours, real estate consignment service, a quick search over available utilities according to what project you are having your eyes on, periodical interest calculator …along with plenty of other utilities that prioritizes user experiencing.

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