Exciting as it is to rent an apartment, but sometimes you encounter “inspection nightmares” that can break the deal. These surprises may preclude you from signing off on your dream home. To help you know what to look out for during your next home inspection, here are some common home inspection nightmares that our Hoozing’s tenants sometimes encounter as well as some advice on how to handle them:

1. Foundation issues

Damp or wet crawl spaces may result from water seeping toward the foundation, or windows and doors may show uneven gaps — a sure sign that grading issues are causing the foundation to fall out of alignment. Sloping floors and cracked concrete are additional indications that a home’s foundation is in need of repair. Since the foundation is responsible for supporting the entire home, fixing it will cost a pretty penny; renters may lose interest in the apartment with foundation issues.

Foundation is the most important part of the house

Issues with a home’s foundation may occur in any age and location. Cracks are also common and could be an indication of a problem. Some foundation issues can be minor while others can be very significant. In some cases, the foundation needs to be reviewed by a structural engineer to specify the needed repairs.

2. Water problems

Issues that involve water can be another home inspection nightmare. Water stains on the ceiling could be indicative of roof damage or pipe issues. Bills for broken or cracked water lines will add up. Moreover, you may have to deal with the local municipality on some water issues. Water problems can be expensive to fix, but plumbing to the main water line generally falls to the seller’s responsibility.

Make sure you have checked plumbing for its proper function to fix home inspection nightmares

Make sure you have checked plumbing for its proper function. In most cases, this is missed. Once you rent an apartment in Ho Chi Minh, it becomes your responsibility to repair it. But at Hoozing, our staff would love to take care of those issues for you. 

3. Insects

When looking through your home for any insects — bugs, small rodents, etc. — the biggest issue to keep an eye out for is termite damage. Termites can eat the house from top to bottom, especially if you have wood framing. You must get rid of them and replace any wood they’ve eaten to keep the structural integrity of the apartment. You’ll need to monitor the apartment for a short time to make sure they don’t reappear.  

4. Faulty electrical wires

Apartment fires are often caused by faulty electrical wiring. Inspectors are not allowed to open up walls and ceilings, so problems like these often go unnoticed. Inspectors will check electrical panels. Exposed, spliced, or taped wires need to be fixed before walkthroughs. You’ll need to hire an electrician to further inspect your electrical wires and help fix this home inspection nightmare.

Home Inspection Nightmares

5. Mold and rot

First off, mold isn’t always a problem, but it can easily become a home inspection nightmare if gone unnoticed. Mold can be a major health hazard, especially black mold, and may lead to asthma or other serious health issues. Mold usually indicates larger problems in the home, such as cracks in the foundation or plumbing issues that need to be addressed quickly.

Mold and rot is one of home inspection nightmares

Rotting in framing or around wood decks, windows, or doors is also usually indicative of larger problems. This could be the result of leaking pipes, mildew, or any kind of moisture issue that causes wood to break down. You need to find the problem and address it before more problems arise. Why not let Hoozing help you to rent an apartment in HCMC with the great condition?

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