Hoozing – Leading Service in Rental Sector is in collaboration with Toong – The innovative and connected coworking space – to provide solutions in housing and working space for tenants this year.

Get Free 1-day Pass at the most innovative coworking space when renting with Hoozing

Save your first trial experiencing one of the most inspirational and creative coworking spaces in Vietnam

In this promotion, tenants who rent apartments at Hoozing will get free trial to experience spaces at Toong in 1 day. Both individuals or business groups who are in need of finding green and dynamic space (Toong Vista Verde – District 2) or combination of tradition with modern ambiance ( Toong Tan Hung – District 7) will get a free 1-day pass when renting an apartment at Hoozing’s site.

Who will get this promotion?
???? Anyone as long as renting one of Hoozing’s apartments
When will this promotion end?
???? 31/10/2020
???? Rent now before it’s expired
As Toong’s branches are everywhere, which place will apply for this promotion?
???? This promotion is only applied at Toong Vista Verde in District 2 or Toong Tan Hung in District 7:

Toong Vista Verde – District 2
Standard modern meeting room – Toong Vista Verde District 2

Toong Vista Verde – located in District 2. Incorporating contemplative elements of contemporary art and greenery into the interior scheme, Toong Vista Verde created a refined yet dynamic environment that can foster connection and build meaningful relationships between people.

Toong Tan Hung – District 7
Toong Tan Hung District 7

Toong Tan Hung – located in District 7 – With a touch of the past in design, Toong Tan Hung will remind modern residents of the origin, the process of urban movement, so that each individual will adhere to the traditional essence and derive creative energy from it.

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????Explore inspirational space and service at Toong here: https://toong.asia/

More interesting information of Toong that might satisfy your curiosity:

Founded in 2015, Toong is known as a sector-leading firm which provides innovative and convenient working space inspiring and motivating anyone sitting here. Until now, Toong has expanded 14 sites across 5 cities in Indochina, organized over 1,000 events assembling approximately 85,000 attendees. Having been chosen by 3,500 members and counting, Toong has acquired the status of the most experienced coworking space chain in Vietnam with some basic value for Toong’s members:

???? Flexible working space
???? Saving 60% compared to traditional working space
???? Proficient-boosting systems for work
???? Inspirational space elevating creative spirit

Choosing Toong as a place for work, you can earn some extra benefits below:

  • Opening working space
  • Promotions from partners for Toong’s member
  • Event & meeting room
  • Bar
  • Community development activities
  • Library
  • Receptionist
  • Artificial assistant
  • Legal consultancy
  • Human management

???? Rent now to get free trial at the most innovative coworking space in Vietnam

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