Fulfilling the contemporary lifestyle desire of people, Hoozing and Morico are collaborating to bring the best offer. Enjoying your leisure time in a top-quality contemporary Japanese cafe and restaurant, and enjoying your afterwork time in a decent furniture apartment, with all modern conveniences necessary needed, are what tenants could experience when starting a rent at Hoozing

Within the effort of bringing a diverse experience to our tenants and making sure a comfortable approach toward the service of both Hoozing and Morico, we would like to announce our collaboration and benefit package.

Morico - contemporary lifestyle restaurant & cafe
Hoozing Morico contemporary lifestyle

Hoozing & Morico – contemporary lifestyle cafe collaboration detail

If tenants start a rent with Hoozing’s apartments, these benefits could be included:

  • 10% discount voucher at Morico – Contemporary Japanese Lifestyle Restaurant and cafe
  • Valid date: February 15th 2020 – August 15th 2020

Please note that only tenants (renters directly contacting with Hoozing to start a rent) could get this discount.

Morico – Best dessert in town…

Morico – contemporary Japanese lifestyle cafe and restaurant started the trend of making dessert with matcha in Vietnam, nearly a decade ago. With the exact Japanese standard in material, processes, Morico created a new young & top quality dessert line, updating and creating new day by day, until now with 70 items in the menu. By the present, Morico has become a signature in this matcha drink product.

Morico - King of Japanese dessert
hoozing morico Japanese contemporary lifestyle collaboration – matcha

Having become one of the leading dessert cafe in Saigon, Morico continued to broaden their menu to restaurant dishes. They have continued standing alone as a unique Japanese restaurant by bringing excellent meal following their own standard.

Nowadays, Morico is considered as the symbol of Japanese food in Saigon. Not only bringing excellent meals with freshness & healthiness in both outlook and nutrition, the space also is the perfect harmony of Japanese culture and contemporary lifestyle. It is the elegant combination of Japanese material and modern tendancy: simple and minimal, bright and rich in natural light, optimizing every detail and spot, botanical and inspiring.  The moment you sit at Morico, it is possibly the happiest and most joyful moment of your day.

…that represents contemporary lifestyle and Japanese soul.

The dedication and detailed-oriented in the preparation, processing and presenting are what could be felt in every dish, every drink. These young “creative artisans” always try to make it simple but sophisticated, new and original.

The diligence not only is presented in the food, but also of the service. That’s why customers always get completely comfortable experience entering this contemporary lifestyle cafe and restaurant, an “Omotenashi” spirit of every staff – “We like to consider our meals as premium because our customers are premium. They are worth it.” The devotion of these young style have allured thousands of young people.

Morico - Contemporary Japanese restaurant
hoozing morico Japanese contemporary lifestyle collab meal


It is the Japanese soul that they brought here and nurtured through time that seduced thousands of customers.

We’re so glad that Morico could join us in the journey of bringing the best enjoying experience for our tenants.

In the following time, we would have more new information about our cooperation.

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