With more and more people moving into urban areas, apartments becoming smaller and living space being used to store items such as seasonal decorations or kids’ furnitures, people need a place to keep the things they don’t really have space for.

Seeing this need among our clients, we partnered with MyStorage, the leading self-storage provider in Ho Chi Minh City, to give people a solution for this challenge. MyStorage offers highly secure and air-conditioned storage of your valued belongings in their modern, highly secure and exceptionally clean warehouse in District 2.

Is is simple and convenient to make your home a living space.

The process is simple and convenient!

Book your required space online on website or e-mail/telephone and schedule a convenient pickup. MyStorage staff will then come to your address, pick up your items and transport them safely to their facility. When you need your items back, you just contact them and they deliver all or some of your belongings back to you. Pickup and delivery are even included in the storage fee.

MyStorage understands your lifestyle and believes that space should not be a luxury. This service is the perfect solution to turn your apartment into a great living space once again.

MyStorage was founded by experienced managers from Europe and the US to offer you a simple, affordable and highly secure storage experiences. The team speaks English, Vietnamese, German and Korean. Whether you are moving, renovating or just making space, MyStorage can assist while you relax and let them do the work.

MyStorage can assist while you relax and let them do the work.


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MyStorage Saigon

  • Website: www.mystorage.vn
  • Address: No.2 Street 4,  Quarter 4, An Phu Ward, District 2, HCMC
  • Email: Hello@mystorage.vn
  • Telephone/WhatsApp/Zalo: +84 961 733342 (EN) | +84 961 733350 (VN) | +84 866 204560 (KR)


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