“When in Rome, do as the Romans do.”

Similarly, when in Vietnam, do as the Vietnamese do. Following the conventions and the customs of the community you’re living in is a given. How about speaking their language, Vietnamese?

If you live and work abroad for a considerable amount of time, then you, more than anyone else, understand that a language is the gateway to a culture and its people. Speaking a foreign language will give you the tools to interact and connect with the locals on both personal and professional levels, to expand your travel roadmap intensively, to view your own culture from a different perspective, to further shape your self-identity and, last but not least, to see all the beauties that you wouldn’t see otherwise.

Special discount only applies for Hoozing tenants

At Hoozing, we don’t just find you a house. We are committed to finding you a place that you can call home where you can feel welcomed by and connected to the people around you. One of the steps in reaching this goal is the extension of our partnership with Vietnamese Language Studies (VLS).

Vietnamese Language Studies (VLS) is a leading professional institution specialized in providing Vietnamese language and culture courses to individuals, educational organizations and corporate clients. With over 25 years of experience and a panel of rigorously trained instructors, VLS has been working with more than 11,000 students and over 609 corporate clients from all around the world.

At VLS, it’s living not just learning. In additional to in-class lessons, students also have the opportunities to refine their Vietnamese language skills and integrate themselves into the community through various cultural, social and charity activities.

???? To get you started on your language study journey and celebrate our partnership, VLS is pleased to offer a FREE VIETNAMESE LESSON and a 1.000.000 VND VOUCHER for any private 80-hour Vietnamese course at VLS to all verified Hoozing tenants.

Check it out while the deal lasts to open up that gateway into the Vietnamese culture and people and, most importantly, a new home.

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