Home is the place to take a break after a long tiring day. However, surrounded by four walls, you will easily get bored and lose the feeling of being close to nature.

To regain this balance, let’s bring nature into the house in the following ways that Hoozing has listed out for you only:

1. Arrange trees, plants for fresh space

Placing many trees/plants in the house will give you more fresh space as well as the feeling of living in the middle of nature.

The arrangement of trees is also quite simple, just two or three small pots of plants, you can create a few “green” accents for your space.

Arrange trees, plants for fresh space

There are many ways for you to decorate your home with plants, from placing fresh flower pots on the dining table, tea table, or even self-grown flower pots by the window.

If you don’t have much time to take care of those, you can use fake potted plants instead. All of them bring you a feeling of comfort, relaxation, and closeness to nature.

2. Plant paintings help the walls more lively

Instead of leaving the walls blank, decorating your space with plant pictures is also a great way to help you bring nature into the living space.

Today, botanical paintings are quite diverse in designs, so depending on your preference, you can choose from different pictures and motifs to decorate.

 Plant paintings help the walls more lively

3. Create a rustic space with natural furniture

Interior with natural materials is too familiar in home decoration nowadays

Rattan, bamboo, … are materials commonly used outdoors to decorate the terrace area or balcony, but when put inside, they will create a warm effect and are rustic for living space.

4. Create accents for space with green furniture

Green is the color of nature. You should combine and use green furniture for the apartment to bring nature right into your living room. 

Using green furniture such as sofa, bed, curtains, or carpet … not only brings a feeling of closeness to nature but also helps your home space become more prominent and unique.

5. Add natural light to the space full of energy

A space close to nature cannot lack sunlight. In addition, to bring a fresh and cheerful space, natural light also brings positive spiritual energy to family members.

Arrange lots of large windows for the living room and common living spaces so that these rooms are always full of sunlight!


There you are, 5 easy ways to bring nature into your home. Do you have any other ideas, please feel free to comment below! 


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