We are pleased to announce the launch of our brand-new proptech website hoozing.com. After hard-working time and dedication, we are delighted to officially announce the launch of our new website. In the direction of becoming a leading technology real estate company in Vietnam, Hoozing returns with a completely new look – a modern interface and many convenient utilities. 

About new proptech website 

The new proptech website version is designed with an eye-catching and smart interface that is consistent with Hoozing’s new brand identity standards. The harmoniously blended blue color brings a sense of trust and understanding for the user. This color also symbolizes intelligence and modernity, which Hoozing is aiming at – a smart real estate supermarket. At the same time, the foundation structure and the programming language are secure, providing a friendly, modern, and easy access to it.

The new proptech website version is designed with an eye-catching and smart interface
The new proptech website version is designed with an eye-catching and smart interface

On this occasion, Mr. Le Huynh Nhut Hai – CEO of Hoozing said that:

“Industrial revolution 4.0 is pushing a breakthrough for the whole real estate market, not only with smart technology applied to apartments and projects but also creating real smart cities. That has opened a great opportunity for businesses to reach customers. No borders, no age are what the internet has to offer. A question wonders that “How many companies that bring 4.0 technology for users can make all of the purchase real estates with just a few clicks?”

And Hoozing is a pioneer in the innovation system, bringing technology to all activities in the real estate industry.

new proptech website
CEO Le Huynh Nhut Hai (right) and co-founder Akshay Sharma (left) and professional staff who make Hoozing become a pioneer in applying technology to most activities in the real estate industry.

 Achievements of Hoozing – proptech company in 2020

This year, Hoozing has rebranded its process after receiving a million-dollar investment from the investment fund – Smilegate.

Besides being a major brand in the rental segment, now Hoozing has entered the primary and secondary real estate distribution segment based on more than 50,000 satisfied customers after 5 working years.

In parallel with its changes is the project to upgrade the website, this new website is a better way to bring better service experiences to users and is expected to be a support tool, an effective channel to manage business enhancement. ” – CEO of Hoozing shared.

Moreover, with the mission of being a smart real estate supermarket, the new website version is also supplemented with many convenient features to meet consumers’ needs in: 

  •  65,000 premium apartments for buy & rent information that continuously updated
  • Authentically experiencing through 3D images
  • Easily looking for existing utilities around the project 
  • Interest rate term calculation.. and many other special features that users can experience at the Hoozing.com website.
Hoozing's new proptech website version
Hoozing’s new website version is focused on optimizing the users’ experience, bringing friendly, modern, and easy using

The content structure has also been rebuilt for users to access Hoozing’s products easily. You can request an inspection home online or contact Hoozing via hotline or email to receive information, price list with just a few clicks. 

The new platform will also be compatible with all browsers, available on most access devices such as computers, tablets, smartphones… optimize display for users on the version thereby encouraging users more interactively. 

The quality staff of hoozing
The quality staff is one of Hoozing’s weapon for winning the trust of customers

Furthermore, Hoozing’s page speed is also improved to help users save time when buying or leasing dream homes. Caring for the smallest things is also the weapon that helps Hoozing to win the trust of customers.

With the launch of a new proptech website interface, Hoozing App and Hoozing Agent App introduced to customers in the first half of 2020, also contribute to improving the quality of customer services on the platform. This technology allows brokers to bring customers the most diverse and optimal experiences.

Don’t hesitate to unlock the brand new Proptech Hoozing website at hoozing.com

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