Moving can be somewhat tiring yet exciting for pretty much everyone. From decluttering, packing to unpacking, cleaning to adapting to a new home. To deal with uninvited crawling guests invading your house is another possibility that is on the list, especially when the hot weather has returned in Saigon.

Close up look of a cockroach on white a bowl

Either you are simply new or quite have to handle pesticides often, cockroaches, ants, mosquitoes, these hacks are all you need to keep those annoying beings in control without having any insecticides involve. The good news is that Hoozing got you both prevention methods and treatments to practice at your facility. Save these tips in your moving guide to keep your home 24/7 safe and neat.

Effective ways to keep the cockroaches away.

Cockroaches are a critter with a strong vitality, even in the most extreme conditions. They are capable of rapidly reproducing up to 40-60 eggs per cycle. Their usual habitat would be sewers, landfills, humid places which means they are very dirty, smelly, and they do carry around dangerous diseases. Once you detect signs of this species, you need to immediately prevent them from breeding with some of these methods below:

Sugar, beer traps.

Cockroaches are particularly fond of the taste and flavor of sugar or yeast. You can try to make some sugar water, dip a piece of bread in it then place it in a high-necked bottle. The animal will be attracted to the smell of sugar or/and yeast, once they enter the bottle, they are stuck. 

Cucumber juice.

You may not know that roaches quite dislike the smell of cucumbers. Slice them up and place them in the kitchen or a corner of the house, where those 4 legs often hanging out. You can also grind cucumber juice and spray them in places where you want to shoo those petrifying cockroaches away.

Cucumber juice

The smell of pungent onions.

The particularly pungent smell of onions is an enemy of cockroaches. Just like cucumbers, you can slice the onions up the put them around different house corners, or make a spray out of them. That strong smell will make them feel uneasy and run away.


Cockroaches are very resistant to alum. Try to dissolve the alum in hot water, then use that mix to clean the floor and/or surfaces. After the water evaporates, alum crystals will crystallize and stick on the floor. This might surprise you but cockroaches are really not a fan of it. In addition, you can also smash alum, scatter them at corners of cabinets, or wherever cockroaches often show up.

How to chase the ants and mosquitoes away.

Mosquitoes are dangerous insects for both children and adults. They can cause serious, fatal diseases such as dengue fever, malaria, etc. Note that it is better to get rid of mosquitoes before moving in. There are plenty of mosquito spray products on the market, but that chemical can really affect your family’s health, more or less. Look for these organic ways with complete, natural methods that will be handy at times. 

Mosquito repellent essential oil.

The essential oils will not only create a pleasant fragrance for the house but also is a strong weapon against mosquitoes as some scents will be unbearable for them. You can use some essential oils that are good at repelling mosquitoes such as lavender, lemongrass, melaleuca flavored, etc. Steam the essential oil with a window open, let the smell slowly refreshing the room while forcing the mosquitoes out. Besides you can apply the oil directly onto your skin or your clothing to prevent mosquitoes from even approaching you.

Dried citrus peels.

Dried citrus skin is extremely effective at repelling mosquitoes and ants as they are afraid of the characteristic smell of these fruits. After drying the citrus skill, slightly burn them with low heat to spread the scent throughout the house. Your home space will be filled with the pleasantly easy and soothing faint scent of citrus.


Garlic is known as a fine medicine for our health, also quite effective with repelling mosquitoes. Crush the garlic, place it in the bowl, then store it in dark, warm, moist places where they have access to water. The smell of garlic is most likely unpleasant to mosquitos. 

Grow helpful plants.

Hyacinth flowers, mint, rosemary, etc are as well great for keeping mosquitoes away from you. Place a tub of hyacinth or mint indoors. This approach helps embellish the house and effectively repels mosquitoes making it pest-free at the same time.

In conclusion

When moving to a new home, homeowners often abstain from many problems to avoid bad things. One might think that trivial things like pesticide control are not a big deal yet extremely important. Especially if you believe it can affect more or less feng-shui in the house. In order to avoid potential issues, it is best to watch your living space, try to eliminate critters, insects from the very beginning. A couple more homemade “remedies” would be cleaning the house frequently, putting the trash out, keeping your blinds up when possible, and drying out little standing water like ponds or puddles. Even though pest is also a part of nature, it does not mean they have to stay in the house. Follow our easy pocket guidelines to keep your family happy and live comfortably in your own home.

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