It is challenging when you have a 4 – legged friend in the house and want to keep your furniture intact. Whether you have cats, dogs, birds, or a whole mixture, you know they are going to spend most of their time indoors. These pet-proof tips below should really go in hand at times to create an ideal place for your pets especially if you are a new pet parent.

As you may know, we have published a list of pet-friendly apartments in Ho Chi Minh City before. Today, we would love to share with you these 5 ideas below, so you and your fur babies can live comfortably and happily in your new home.

  1.Choose chew-proof furniture.

Despite how much you love your cutie furry friend, seeing how he is gnawing on the furniture that you splurged on is totally not the con of your book. It’s normal for puppies to chew on objects as they explore the world and keep them entertained. For puppies, it’s also a way to relieve pain that might be caused by incoming teeth. For older dogs, it’s nature’s way of keeping jaws strong and teeth clean. The idea is to go for anti- chew materials for your furniture, such as metal, chrome. Those are better options for both of your furry friend and your home décor, instead of exposed wood.

  2.Fur resistant upholstery

There is probably nothing more daunting than having to clean up and keep your home tidied the whole time. As your pets will shed most of the day and they have to. Try to avoid hardwood as it dents and scratchy easily. Consider ceramic tiles or laminate. Besides, minimal décor without rugs, carpets, on one hand, helps with less cleaning, and easier to organize or reorganize things in the house. On the other hand, you are making your own living space more spacious for your pets to enjoy a good game of fetch or work on a scavenger hunt.

  3.Limit dark shade floor and cleaning up

If your pet is going through one of those pot training days or simply it’s the muddy and rainy season, it is understandable that a pet parent would tend to go for dark or darker interiors. It seems like dark surfaces will hide stains better but surprisingly, it makes fur and those expecting stains stand out even more. Pet toenail scratches also show up more easily on dark hardwoods. Scratches from scooted chairs or toys being dragged across the floor can be also annoying. A lighter shade floor would help blend those inevitable marks better than you think.

Tidying up can be somewhat daunting at times. The struggle to deal with our hairy friends’ footprints across living rooms or even bedrooms is real. Hair and fur are seen everywhere, kibble, debris, and scrums are scattered from one room to another is something you most likely to see. It is considering to use an automatic vacuum often, have a doormat, purchase durable materials, pedicures your pets. Those should work to prevent, to limit stains and odor most effectively keeping your home neat and tidy.

  4.Designated area for your pets, a dedicated indoor playroom

As many pet owners know that behavioral problems can be a serious sign that our pets are anxious and destructive. The root of the issue stems is the lack of playing and the owner’s attention, therefore daily playing is extremely important to them. They need to jump, run, show affection enjoying life to sniff around, etc. To create space for your pets with toys shall give them enough stimulation they need, and keep them entertained. Don’t forget to place around tugs, balls, and snuffle mat giving your pet extra fun and lax.

  5.Keep it simple and neat as much as possible

Not everyone is a big fan of minimalism, but adapting to make it simple plays an important role when it comes to reorganizing. “Less is more” enables you with easier cleaning, and having more time for yourself as well as for your hairy friends. It means that you have more time to play up and give your lovely pets cuddles, kisses, massages. Those should promote bonding, healing, and relaxation. You will find it amazing how simplicity can improve our pets’ happiness quotient along with their life quality.

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