When hunting for an ideal apartment, many renters fall into many ugly trap. So let’s take time to ask yourself a series of very important questions, because they will make or break your apartment renting experience… and potentially your bank account.

5 things you must know to rent a good apartment in Saigon

1. Do I need a rental agent to help me find an apartment?

This depends largely on where you live, so research your particular market before starting an apartment search. Various fee-charging services will send you lists of available apartments keyed to the neighborhood you want and the size of unit you hope to get. Thus, it’s just a matter of connecting with the right professional who’s familiar with rentals in your target area.

2. Whether Pet are allowed or not?

Included in the lease should be your landlord’s pet policy. If you have a pet or plan on getting a pet, this small detail is very important. Check your landlord’s policies, and check the lease for fine print about animals. If your landlord does allow pets, you can probably expect to pay a pet security deposit, which you’ll need to factor into your up-front apartment costs. Also inquire about visiting pets: When your friend comes with her golden retriever, is he allowed inside?

3. How does parking work?

In buildings with parking, you’ll likely get one spot assigned to your rental unit, so investigate how that works and how much it’ll cost. In some buildings, you’ll encounter those annoying parking spot hogs who store an extra car in a spot reserved for guests.

4. Are utilities included? If so, which ones?

Some utilities may be covered in the rent, and others may not. Ask if cable, gas and electric and trash removal are covered. If you have any questions about who pays for what, make sure to double-check with your landlord before signing the lease. Is there Wi-Fi in the building, and how much will it cost?

5. The Amenities

When choosing a rental apartment, make sure to consider the area’s amenities. If you’re renting in an apartment building, you’ll need to make sure the amenities fit with your lifestyle. Do it has elevator? Does your building have a gym or is there an affordable gym located nearby? Does the apartment have a dishwasher? Is there a washing machine and dryer in your apartment building? How is the commute? Are there restaurants or shops in the neighborhood? Chances are, if you’re on a tight budget you’ll have to make a few compromises, such as walking to a laundromat, or enduring a longer work commute. Whatever the compromise, make sure you can live with the situation before signing a lease.

These questions may be tough, but they’re a necessary path to the apartment of your dreams.

Wish you have a happy home!