Renting a new apartment is either exciting and anxious. In time, you’ll be filled with questions such as “Will I feel like home? Will I like my neighbors? Is my landlord nice? Where is all my stuff going to be?”. That’s why you should have a full apartment inspection checklist.

Before you move your life into a new rental, you need to look over your new apartment with a fine-tooth comb to make sure everything is on point, clean and safe. You should engage in a full apartment inspection. The last thing you want is to be all moved in and then find something wrong, unsafe or in need of correcting. Moreover, it will also prevent your landlord from claiming anything was your fault or responsibility later on. In that way, check out our blog for ways to break lease contract!

Therefore, Hoozing is pleased to come up with a checklist like handy apartment inspection checklist for you to inspect your new home for instance:

Inspection Checklist
The ultimate apartment inspection checklist

1. General

  • Walls

Check for cracks, structural holes, or evidence of water leaks, especially around windows and vents. If you find small holes, remember to take note of these so the landlord knows they were pre-existing.

Be sure the paint color matches consistently throughout. Don’t forget to do the same inspection of the ceilings as well.

  • Electrical outlets

Make sure every plugin the apartment works. Remember to look for burns around outlets and cracks in the covers.

  • Cable hookups

Don’t forget to check all cable, internet and fiber optic outlets are in good condition, not blocked and in the areas of the apartment where you need them.

  • Smoke detectors

Be sure smoke detectors exist in or near each bedroom, by the front door and by the kitchen. Test them to make sure they all work properly.

Additionally, find out if a fire extinguisher exists and be sure it is in working order as well.

  • Lighting

Turn on all lights in all rooms to ensure they all work. Always look for cracks or burn marks around light fixtures and recessed lighting.

  • Blinds and shades

Inspect each set of blinds, shades, or curtains for damage or holes. You can open and close blinds and shades to ensure they are in working order.

  • Windows and doors

Inspect the insulation for cracks or brittleness. Open and close the windows and doors to ensure they work properly. Make sure all windows and doors lock completely and feel secure by pulling on them. 

  • Flooring

Inspect all areas of the floor and carpet (including behind furniture and in corners) for stains or holes. Tug on some of the edges of the carpeting and floorboards to see if they come up too easily. Look around for improperly installed flooring nails because you don’t want to step on those in your bare feet.

Let’s move on to the bathroom, shall we? 

2. Bathroom

  • Toilet

Flush the toilet and make sure it works. The bowl should refill properly and quickly and it should stop running insufficient time. Then do the flushing again to see how long it takes to reset. 

Turn on all faucets and check the water pressure. Be sure there are no drips or leaks both from the faucet and the plumbing underneath. Look for cracks both in the bowl and the pipes. Even small drips over time can balloon your water bill.

  • Shower

Turn on the water and see if the temperature heats up insufficient time. 

Check that the water pressure meets your personal needs, and there is no excessive dripping after you turn it off. Make sure the water looks clear and clean. Examine the tiles and grout for mold and chips.

  • Tub

When running the shower to check pressure and temp, inspect the tub to assure the water drains in a reasonable amount of time.

Bathroom inspection
Be sure there is no water leak

Thirdly, the bedroom is also an essential thing to check in the inspection. 

3. Bedroom

  • Windows

We already mentioned windows, but it’s doubly important in the bedroom. Run your hand along every edge of the window to check for leaks. Therefore, poor insulation can cause a very cold night. Check the locks on the windows to assure a safe night’s sleep.

  • Closet

Assure there’s no damage to the floor. Check all built-ins for sturdiness. If you have permanent hanging rods, tug on them slightly to make sure they do not give.  Be sure the door or doors open and close easily.

  • Bed

In a furnished apartment, check every part of the bed for damage, cracks, loose bolts, and evidence of bedbugs.

Another important part of apartment inspection is the kitchen. 

4. Kitchen

  • Oven and stove

Turn on the stove to make sure if it heats up as quickly as expected. Open and close the door a few times to ensure a good seal. On an electric stove, turn on every burner to make sure they all work.

For gas burners, check that each burner lights without too much effort or releasing a lot of gas. Make sure all burners go out and get cold when you switch them off, and you don’t keep smelling gas. Lift the hood and check the trays.

  • Sink

Turn on the water and check the pressure. Look around the base of the sink and underneath for water damage or cracks.

  • Refrigerator

Check all of the strippings around the doors to make sure of a proper seal, then open and close the doors. Feel inside the fridge and freezer to make sure they seem they are at the right temperature. See if all the lights turn on. Look for missing or cracked trays and shelves. Test the ice maker not only for proper operation but that the ice cubes smell and taste right.

  • Cabinets, counters, and drawers

Open and close every door and drawer to see. Therefore, you would know if they’re loose or squeak. 


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5. Utility Room

  • Laundry

If you have in-unit laundry, inspect the washer and dryer. Check that all the hoses and exhausts are attached and working. Start each appliance to see that they work. 

  • Fuse box

Opening up the fuse box and see if everything looks okay and check if there are any missing or damaged switches.

Last but not least is the hallway and other elements outside your place.

6. In the hallway and outside

  • Exterior doors and windows

Make sure you’ve rechecked all the locks to exterior doors, to hallways, or the outside. As well as check for air leakage and if there is any, get it fixed or expect a big electricity bill.

In conclusion, this checklist only bases on essential items of the house. In the best-case scenario, you’ll complete an apartment inspection during the short window after you agree to rent the apartment and before you sign the lease on the dotted line. But even if you’re unable to do it during this time frame, make sure you give the apartment a full once-over before you move in. Having 5 years’ experience in the real estate industry, Hoozing only offers you apartments that qualify. Contact us now to have an instant house inspection. 

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