Starting from this week, Hoozing will write reviews about different serviced apartments in Ho Chi Minh City. Feel free to leave a comment if you are/ were the tenants of these apartments and have a different perspective to share.

Happy Homes is a popular serviced apartment chain with 3 branches in central districts of Ho Chi Minh City (District 1 and 3). Mr. Nick, the owner of Happy Homes graduated from University of Economics and he already proved to be a great businessman since his student years. Instead of struggling with the high cost of living like other friends, he was able to have free accommodation just by paying rent for the whole big house and lease the empty rooms for other people.

He also spent many years working for different investment and consulting firms before deciding to establish Happy Homes. As you might guess from the company name, the serviced apartment chain aims to create happiness for people by providing quality services and to encourage a family-like atmosphere for foreigners during their stay in Vietnam.

Mr. Nick (Lieu Ky Nhan) – Owner of Happy Homes

Last week we sent a questionnaire to the tenants living in Happy Homes as well as had some short talks with a few. The majority of them think highly about the central location of Happy Homes as everything they need is within walking distance, the neighbourhood is safe and quiet except for several nights with loud dance music until early morning from the top floor.

Happy Homes rooms are designed in modern style and well equipped with brand new amenities. They come with various floor areas and price ranges therefore can satisfy almost any tenant’s needs and budgets. The lowest rent is 289USD per month and the highest is 690USD per month.

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Regarding building facilities, the only minus point, according to some tenants, is the lack of clothes hanging place which makes it quite troublesome to handle wet laundry.

While many serviced apartment chains have been getting hammered over the past decade because they haven’t kept up with trends and have been using a one size fits all approach, we believe Happy Homes is not one of them. From the reviews, it seems that Happy Homes wins the favour of many tenants mainly because of their sincere approach to business. Some expats got part-time jobs as English teacher thanks to the company’s referrals, while many were engaged in charity trip and Vietnamese traditional holidays.

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In September 2016, Happy Homes Serviced Apartment has become official partner of Hoozing in the “Move & Earn” program, in which Happy Homes tenant will have the opportunity to earn money before leaving their rental apartment by listing their room on Hoozing website. With this partnership, the community of renters will benefit a lot due to a handful quality of listings and reviews from current tenants whose opinions are very objective and neutral.