We met Pawel at Chai Cafe on the Nguyen Dinh Chieu street. We ordered some drinks and had a casual talk about work and life as he just came back to Vietnam at the beginning of July. For us, he is more than just a customer. To put things into perspective, he was once our colleague and currently is one of our good friends.

Well, those with a business understand that selling to friends and families requires hard work. You need to go extra miles to ensure that their experiences are good and they do not use your services only because of the obligation of friendship. Therefore when Pawel told us that the he got a job transfer to HCMC after nearly a year in Bangkok and he was looking for an apartment for rent, we knew it’s times to test our confidence.

Pawel was playing around with Hoozing website for a week or so, he filtered several options based on his criteria on budget, location and other property attributes. Due to the fact that he was still in Thailand at that time, Pawel completely relied on the 360 degree photo viewing and chat function to make the decision. An apartment on Phan Xich Long Street (Phu Nhuan District) won his satisfaction and Hoozing’s executive supported him to proceed with the process of negotiation, deposit paying and contract drafting.

The apartment is located in Phan Xich Long area, a geographic location that could not be better.

During our conversation, he also made a valid point towards the area that needs improvement of Hoozing. In Pawel’s case, he had been living in Vietnam for several years therefore he knew which neighborhood was suitable with his lifestyle and convenient for his daily commuting to work. People who first come to the city would not know about those things therefore extra information on district and neighborhood guide if provided on Hoozing, can be a of good value for first timers.