Renting an apartment in Saigon is not a problem if you have a lot of money in the pocket. However, if your budget is low then do not forget to calculate everything. I mean “everything”, from one-time fees to a bunch of monthly costs, not to mention the monthly rental fee. This article will suggest you some more types of fee and renting expenses that you must cover during the rental duration in Saigon (Ho Chi Minh city).

1. Moving cost

Tenants should consider this as one of the most important renting expenses if they are moving to a whole new apartment after getting bored with the old one.

This service may include several smaller businesses such as truck renting, packing, unpacking, etc. Moving fee factors in the weight of your stuff, the distance, number of the movers and moving supplies, even the BOT fee could affect the cost of moving.

expenses renting saigon
How much does it cost to move out in Saigon?

It may cost you VND 2.000.000 to 3.000.000 to move your furniture in HCMC with full service. Some trustful removal companies in the Southern which Hoozing recommends you are:

      • Vietnam Moving
      • My Storage – District 2

2. Furniture

The most painful part of renting a new accommodation is choosing between a fully furnished apartment and an unfurnished one. Below we are listing some good sides of the both choices that may affect your consideration.

The biggest advantages of living in a fully equipped flat are that:

  • You don’t have to move all your stuff in and out of the flat.
  • Spending for new furniture is not a worry anymore.
  • You will save time on decorating and buying new stuff (if it is not your favorite activity)

Let’s check out Hoozing, we are listing 1000+ furnished apartment all over Saigon.

$1500 – 115sqm – D7
Renting An Apartment In Saigon
$1800 – 72 sqm – D1
Renting An Apartment In Saigon
$1000 – 65 sqm – D2

On the other hand, renting an unfurnished apartment has its own advantages too:

  • The monthly rental fee is much lower when it comes to unequipped flat.
  • You can decorate your flat and choose your furniture as you like.

So here are some unfurnished apartments that you may like to move in:

Unfurnished apartment
$900 – 108 sqm – Binh Thanh
Renting An Apartment
$800 – 57 sqm – D4
Unfurnished apartment
$900 – 76 sqm – D4


3. Management fee

Unlike other countries, Vietnamese building owners monthly calculate the management fee (or administration fee). The management fee in Vietnam is to cover these services:

  • Cleaning and maintaining common areas and facilities of the building (park, community hall, elevator, lighting, ventilation plant, etc.).
  • Security fee.
  • Salary of the management board and other staff (security and cleaning staff).
  • Office work.
Park and Basketball Court – Masteri Thao Dien. Image source: Hoozing.

Hereby is the estimated management fees of some well-known buildings in HCMC area:

  • Masteri Thao Dien: VND 18.500/sqm/month
  • Thao Dien Pearl: VND 17.000/sqm/month
  • The Ascent: VND 15.400/sqm/month
  • Tropic Garden: VND 12.100/sqm/month
  • Xi River View: VND 22.000/sqm/month

4. Parking fee

Parking fee
Car Park in Masteri Thao Dien. Image source: Hoozing.

Some buildings will offer you indoor and outdoor car parking. The difference is about VND 500.000. The highest fee for car parking in Saigon is VND 1.500.000/month (~$65/month) so instead of driving a car, you can have a bunch of money by riding motorbikes. Parking a motorbike only costs VND 150.000 – 200.000/month.

5. Cleaning fee

Cleaning fee in HCMC is considered cheap when they only charge you VND 55.000 to VND 60.000/hour and some extra fees like parking fee and dish soap, etc but don’t forget it as it is one of the renting expenses.

6. Utility bills

Water bill. Image source:

Utility fees usually consist of electricity, gas, water, internet and cable bill.

  • Electricity will be covered along the retail electricity tariff of Vietnam Electricity Company.
  • Water fee is calculated by the price of building owners, and most of the time, there are several other fees included in such as water management fee (I just don’t know why), plumb depreciation fee, etc.
  • FPT, VNPT, Viettel are the most well-known internet providers in Vietnam. Their cheapest packages (Down/Up Speed: 16Mbps) respectively cost VND 210.000/month, VND 270.000/month, VND 200.000/month. These packages are suitable for a 4-accommodate apartment.

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