Since launching in May, Hoozing App has shaken the real estate market and took a high place in the customers minds.  However, it didn’t stop them from inventing and launching new feature on Hoozing App. As a Proptech company, it is easy to understand that Hoozing is based on Technology. 

Hoozing proudly introduces payment solutions as a new feature named “Bill Payment” to bring swift, seamless and secure cashless payment experience to Hoozing’s customers and expats in Vietnam. With this new cashless payment method, customers of Hoozing will be able to pay with ease, enjoy and safety.

Additionally, this new feature has ability to pay by Debit/Credit card and track all transactions. Personal information of users is ensured under advance payment SSL security, payment gateway and fraud prevention protocols, allowing customers peace of mind when using service.

Here are 5 steps to pay your bills by Hoozing App:

If you love making online transactions in a quick and fuss-free manner or don’t want to wait for hours just to pay the bills, then this feature is for you only.

With 40.000+ downloads and 15.000+ users, Hoozing App would not let you down


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