If you’re planning to rent an apartment alone, you may be trying to decide between a studio or a one-bedroom apartment. Let us help you!

Is Studio apartment the great idea for you ?

A studio apartment is a newer concept and is rapidly gaining popularity all across the globe. Studio apartments, also known as a bachelor-style apartment, are small and self-contained and contains all the essentials found in an apartment without any barrier of walls or divisions. Giving you all the creative freedom.

The simple floor plan of a studio makes it comparatively easy to decorate, and it doesn’t require as much furniture to achieve the feeling of being “settled in.” Studios are ideal for renters who don’t have many belongings that they need to display or keep handy in their apartment.

Transform one room into a multi-use space by designating certain parts of it for specific activities. For example, if you work from home, place your desk in a corner and wall it off with a bookshelf to divide it from your sleeping area. Partitions also help the layout of a studio apartment and come in various forms like foldable walls or even hanging curtains that offer a free-flowing vibe.

If living in the middle of the action is a priority, studio apartments are a way for you to be in a prime location at a reasonable cost, so people enjoy paying less rent each month, which translates to significant savings. And, thanks to the smaller square footage, you’ll spend less time cleaning. Studio apartment living indirectly forces you to streamline and minimize the clutter in your life since there’s simply no room for unnecessary stuff.

One-Bedroom Apartment, Should or not?

A one-bedroom apartment most commonly is referred to a single apartment. A basic one-bedroom apartment has a bedroom, a separate living room area, a kitchen and a bathroom. The advantages in terms of the one-bedroom apartment layout versus a studio apartment floor plan are clear: even with the same square footage, the one-bedroom apartment automatically offers you more privacy, and more clearly delineates the space, making decorating a one-bedroom apartment, even one that, at first glance, appears tiny, a far simpler task.

One-bedroom apartments attract renters who desire more space and multiple rooms in their apartment. Having a separate bedroom is good for renters who like to do much entertaining or who have guests spend the night.

What do most people think?

Most singles prefer a 1 bedroom over a studio for several reasons. For example, if you cook a lot at home, it’s also nice to have the kitchen area separate from your sleeping area, so that food odors don’t settle on your duvet cover.

In many expensive cities, often people use the living room as a second bedroom, forgoing a separate living space. Roommates sharing a one-bedroom apartment is a fairly common occurrence situation, with one person getting the bedroom; the other the living area.

Whichever you choose, look for the right features, embrace the benefits, think about the details when setting it up, and you’ll find yourself immersed in a truly personalized living situation.

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