Whether you want to increase your returns, attract more leads or keep updating real estate information on time, Hoozing Agent App is the unique solution/ premier platform to tailor Realtor’ needs. With our distinctive features, Hoozing Agent App promises to bring you the best experience in this field.

After 3 years industry-leading in rental service, having served more than 3000 tenants and landlords in Ho Chi Minh City, Hoozing understands the challenges that Real Estate Agents have to face when it comes to this industry.

Therefore, Hoozing Agent App was made to organize real estate market by bringing transparency and accessibility and help agents maximize their profits.

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Get UP TO 60% commission when being partner with Hoozing through Hoozing Agent App

Task management

  • Manage your broker business daily efficiently (by setting task, schedules reminder to follow-up your leads)
  • Automatic detailed arrange, monitor, track leads and report monthly.

Property management

  • Access to Hoozing’s cart with more than 40,000 accommodation options across Saigon and hundreds of thousand options from other agents.
  • Estimate property home value of each accommodation
  • Create your own listings all from one box.
  • Support selling utilities such as real estate valuation, loan interest calculation, etc.

Lead Management

  • Get leads updated in real time from those who have interest in your cart
  • Increase consulting efficiency and sales rates by managing your transaction history

Technology innovation

  • A 360-degree home tours.
  • Get real estate notification alerts on price & new listings


A comprehensive solution for real estate agent to maximize profit! Just a click away through Hoozing Agent App!

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