Varying from infection, sunburn to drowning, swimming, these mentioned accidents are among hazardous threats if you are not self-prepared beforehand.

Swimming has never been a bad choice for hot summer days in Vietnam. In just 2 hours driving away from Saigon, you can enjoy the same vibes as other hot spots around the world like Bali,…  According to Consumerreports, people considered swimming to be one of the most fascinating ways to stay fresh. More than that, it can be extremely healthy for swimming fans.

Nonetheless, swimming can bring a load of threats. A seasonal report of Centers for Disease Control and Prevention published in May 2018 has shown that the period of 2000-2014 witnessed more than 27000 accidents related to contaminated pools, jacuzzi and underwater playgrounds, and 8 had been reported dead, not to mention threats of drowning, sunburn and being infected by brain-eating virus (though it is at significantly low rate).

Hence, being prepared in advance will definitely keep yourself problem-free while swimming.

1. Avoid digestive bacteria

Water contaminated in public places may cause diarrhea if the swimmer gets to swallow a small amount to get infected. Germs such as cryptosporidium, E. coli, or giardia are transmitted from a human’s body infected by diarrhea to another through uncleaned water.

Crypto – a short term of crystosporidium – accounts for the lion’s share of 89% of causes of pool-related diarrhea outbreaks. As not being seen in the water by normal eyes, they can live in water for a few days even the pool water is well treated by chlorine or else. In Vietnam, it is not compulsory for swimmers to take a shower in advance to prevent carrying the germs into the pool, which can be latently dangerous.

How to avoid it?

  1. Don’t swallow pool water and remind your surrounding people the same
  2. Choose a high-quality swimming pool that requires members to take a shower first. And of course, take the shower beforehand.
  3. Keep the sick people away from the pool, especially ones with diarrhea.

2. Sunburn

Sunburn is definitely the primary enemy of a perfect summer. Apart from the feeling of being insanely hurt, UVA and UVB beams can directly affect your pigmentation, causing shredded and aged skin.

How to avoid it?

  1. Make putting on sunscreen your habit 15 minutes before going out. And of course, reapply prior to getting out of the water (as the previous layer has been washed away).
  2. Try to find shadows instead of standing under the direct sun rays.
  3. Bring along your “best friends” – wide-brimmed hat and long-sleeved flannel with you and put them on whenever you are out of the water.

3. Ear infection

This happens when contaminated water is stuck inside the ear canal, forming an ideal place for germs to spring. The symptoms of this are itching, redness, or swelling or hurt if being stretched or pus pouring out from the ear.

How to avoid it?

  1. Dry your ear after getting out of the water.
  2. Keep your ear away from the water by plastic earplugs
  3. Use eardrops to pasteurize your ear.

4. Drowning

In many cases, professional swimmers can get into trouble with unexpected circumstances. Therefore, for unqualified swimmers, it is not recommended to swim alone.

How to avoid it?

  1. Swim in confirmed safe spots that have safeguards around.
  2. Wear lifebelts or lifejackets.
  3. Swim with friends to have someone to cover you whenever necessary.

5. Naegleria Amoeba

If you have not heard of this, you should worry. Being called brain-eating amoeba, this virus causes 99% of the infected cases dead. It can result in a disease of the central nervous system called primary brain encephalopathy.

The good news is that there are only 37 cases reported in the U.S during the 2006-2015 period.

How to avoid it?

  1. Keep your head dry and avoid placing your head underwater when bathing
  2. Stay away from mud that can contain a variety of different viruses
  3. Use a nose clip to stay away from water.

Information: Vietnam News

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