Ho Chi Minh had shaped itself through the colonial period, industrialization, and urbanization. As one of the fastest-growing cities in Southeast Asia, there’s no doubt HCMC is Vietnam’s American Dream with many best districts. A place is full of opportunities and possibilities. 

Ho Chi Minh City has 24 districts with 19 urban and 5 suburban ones, each with unique characteristics. We gladly pick out these suitable and best districts for expats to settle with distinctive vibes and their highlights, creative vibes and exciting upscale spots. 

  • District 1

You know you have arrived in D1 if you saw big buildings, skyscrapers, and traffic jams. If you delight in the comforts of big cities, rapid lifestyles and the variety of choices in residential deals from condominiums to villas and apartments? Then D1 is an ideal district to settle in if you’re looking for a job in HCMC. Contact us now, as we have plenty of choices of households in D1. 

District 1
Sunset over D1

Like 2 sides of a coin, D1 showcases traditional and modern aspects of Vietnam. From accent building from French colonial period, to the signature skyscraper Bitexco. 

  • District 2 

District 2 is well-known as a “expats zone” due to the fact lots of foreigners decided to settle here. What makes D2 special is Thao Dien and An Phu Ward. If you get homesick easily, D2 will give you comfort arms by other fellows.

Thao Dien

Some of the best apartments and houses in Ho Chi Minh City are located in these areas such as Masteri An Phu, Gateway, Palm Heights,. (Click to get more interesting deals in D2). While the area has stirred up with more fancy restaurants, international schools, bars… the neighborhood still retains a laidback and low-paced life with the local sense of community. 

  • District 4

Had a bad reputation for having lots of gangsters, but District 4 has turned into one of the best districts for expats to settle. As many luxury apartments, shopping malls are rising along the canal, District 4 has gone through crazy developments for the past decade. D4 is surely developing and a place ex-pats now consider to find a home. It is a bit cheaper than District 1, but not by much. A nice 2 bedrooms apartment would be around $600/month, and Hoozing has lots of options for you.

View from District 4
Rent an apartment in D4 to get this amazing view

District 4 is also an amazing place for street food. There is lots of places to get street food like Vinh Khanh street or Ben Van Don street. If you are visiting Ho Chi Minh City and that you are very much into street food, you might as well have to go to D4 and roam in some streets full of different local eateries.

  • District 7

For foreigners who are planning to invest and settle in Vietnam for a long-term period, District 7 is one of the best districts to stay in. High-quality residences such as apartments and houses are located here, but the highlight is that the district values health-friendly neighborhoods with extensive gardens and large trees.

Starlight Bridge
Starlight Bridge located in Phu My Hung

There are also areas in District 7 that cater specifically to expats such as swimming pools, international schools, Western restaurants and cafes, and shopping complexes. It combines the comfort of a peaceful home without sacrificing the needs of a growing family. Not sure which building you want to live in D7, click here to have more options or simply contact us.

  • Binh Thanh District

In Binh Thanh District, there are so many cool places to live like City Garden, Vinhomes Central Park,…and most landlords are more than happy to have foreigners. It has become a hotspot for expats to settle. This is about as close as you can get to District 1 without overpriced rents — but it doesn’t have the feel of a downtown metropolis, let’s rent a place in Binh Thanh District with Hoozing. 

Binh Thanh District
Binh Thanh District – Where there is no limitations

If you want to live in an actual Vietnamese community, rather than one that’s overflowing with foreigners and/or tourists, this hip district is for you. You’ll get the best of both worlds—the opportunity to witness incredible change, while being able to immerse yourself in the vibrant culture of old Saigon. And if you love Japanese culture, be sure to check out Japan Town.

“Best place – best stay” – How true it is. Everyone has a unique vision of life and choosing the right place for you is imperative. The best districts to live in the Ho Chi Minh city are almost as diverse as each individual’s vision for their lives. So you can choose to live in one place for long-term or maybe tiptoes through many areas before deciding. Don’t worry, Hoozing got you with lots of accommodations in Ho Chi Minh city.

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