If you have decided that you want to be out during this crazy time of all in a foreign country, you will want to take a look at what we can share with you on where to chill in SAIGON on Christmas Day and New Year’s Eve?

Gorgeous Holidays in vietnam with landterns
Decoration during holiday in Saigon.

During the latest Sunday Angelus in St. Peter’s Square, The Pope affirmed that “no pandemic can turn off the light of Christmas’. It occurs that it’s not only a story for the Western world, but it’s also a big-time everywhere apparently these days. Meanwhile, health officials are petrified with millions of locals and tourists are gathering to celebrate the biggest event of the year, despite warnings from experts and fatalities. We are now sharing the same concerns, but the real question is” is it true that the more the merrier?”

The answer is yes and no. Luckily, Vietnam with 97,3 million people, 9 million alone in Saigon, yet is one of the countries with the most efficient and effective ways of handling the ongoing pandemic. The country, therefore, is less affected by it financially and socially thanks to rapid source identification, strictness in taking the potentials, etc..

Even though some people have the impression that the pandemic did not even seem to step into this country, this does not necessarily mean any of us can neglect what might happen!

Amongst all of the exciting and overwhelming choices and options with millions of things to do towards upcoming holidays time. There are 2 steps away to go through, first, make sure you pick a nice spot for yourself, second is to roll it safe, not only for you but for other people around.

Let’s find out what the best options for you are!


One crazy thing about Saigon is that it has rooms for everyone with multiple interests. No matter if you are a crazy ball dancing room expert or a big fan of beer with some Charles Mingus, we got your back. There you might want to take a couple of notes on what to do and best places to meet up with locals, spots for exciting adventures, exploring the iconic cuisine, immersing yourself in such dynamic culture, etc. So here are the things to try out in Ho Chi Minh City at night. Remember, it does not always have to include alcohol!

Saigon during Chistmas time
Saigon decorating during Christmas and New Years.

Beer and chitchat at Bui Vien, AKA Backpacker Street.

After pulling one of the plastic chairs outside the bar, you can simply order some Saigon green beer or some freshly brewed local beer – BIA HOI which only costs around 10,000 dongs to 20,000 VND per bottle and Buivien deserves to be one of the most recommended places for people. From sight watching, seeing street performers such as the fire breathers, people doing magics, etc… while enjoying the conversations with your mates or locals you are really just soaking the essence of Saigon. Something you probably will note that the area might look somewhat sketchy, but if you are unfamiliar with the surroundings, keeping an eye on your belongings and those who constantly keep coming by trying to sell stuff and beg is never a redundancy.

Fancy cocktails at a rooftop bar with Sai Gon Countdown.

Those bars usually stay up on the top of a couple of well-known hotels such as Caravelle- The Saigon Saigon Rooftop Bar or The View Rooftop Bar with such breathtaking full view of the Lam Son Square, The Opera House, Saigon river. The whole city lookout in life bulbs glooming can be a bit pricier but you won’t have to worry about the service, atmosphere and staff’s attitude. Happy hours deals will get handy at times with all kinds of drink food options for everyone.

fabulous rooftopbar view for your countdown
Fabulous rooftop bar view for your countdown.

Jam to some live music when fireworks fill up the sky.

More down to indoor vibes and still being able to dive into beautiful melodies right up on the stage? Check out these best venues for live music: MZ Club, Woodstock Bar Live Music, Acoustic Bar, YOKO Cafe … when you are in the neighborhood. You won’t ever regret it!

This is where you can simply pick a favorite spot, let your soul hang with the music from Pop, Rock, Ballads, Jazz …, you meet up with people sharing the same states, different stories with natives, locals, other travelers. In case it’s getting overloaded during weekends especially holidays, a reservation is always recommended!  Remember to double-check their schedules before anything which is normally public to everyone who wishes to get a full smooth night.

beautiful live music for your Christmas night
Beautiful live music night for your Christmas.

Sing your heart out at karaoke.

The whole purpose of karaoke is to stimulate your brain, it should not be a matter whether you can sing or not, or whether it’s taken place at home or in a school, in a karaoke bar on certain occasions, even funerals sometimes. It is all about relaxing and bonding together.  If you don’t get an invitation, that is ok too, invite yourself to a karaoke bar. It is open to everybody! Some of those to put in consideration are Catwalk, New Stocking, Milan Karaoke. These are usually Korean/Japanese style gentlemen’s clubs, you pay for the room, your drinks, sometimes the girl assisting you plus tip if any.

Get loose at a nightclub.

If you prefer wild vibes, feeling with the music when enjoying a sip of some quality cocktails making friends all around the world, try out a couple following well-known spots to expats such as Republic Club, Elui club, Sundaze Pool Party... these are ones of the best ones in town with fairly nice service, attentive and courteous staff with the worth-while environment. The best tip is to ask if anything confuses you and perhaps, keep in mind it’s still pandemic time, loose but not loose!

Wide night at a nightclub in Saigon.
Wide night at a nightclub in Saigon.

A fine dine romantic cruise, or to tag along on streets.

Who has been to Vietnam and did not fall in love with its complemented wet rice civilization relating cuisine? The food paradise has been recommended by travelers, tourists, and expats from around the world. Whether you choose to sit by the street, have a few little chairs and tiny tables shared with other locals blowing the food to cool it down, or perhaps you are on a luxury cruise enjoying your fancy meal alone, we cannot tell you exactly which one is better. It is not fair to say there is a single place with the best dishes in Vietnam. In fact, amazing food can be found anywhere, anytime throughout the country.

If you are in Saigon, there is a big chance that you will find yourself indulging even more in such regional diversity warrants. From iconic Banh Mi, Pho, Spring Rolls, Summer Rolls, Banh Xeo (Vietnamese Pancakes), Cao Lau, Balut to a classy menu on a small to medium-sized ship with various choices of exotic food and million more to discover including vegetarian choices.

Put down these spots on your phone as a must-try if you are hoping for an unforgettable stage in life: Silver Sea, Saigon Princess, Les Rives, …Ben Thanh Market Street Food, Pho Phuong 25 Banh Mi Huynh Hoa, Bun Rieu Nguyen Canh Chan, Bun Bo Chú Há ….

banhmi for your bestholidays
Iconic super tasty Banhmi in Saigon.

Last but not least, a night shopping spree is your guilty pleasure!

This is always one of the best ways to explore and feel the liveness in Saigon Viet Nam generally, this shall be an eye-opening experience for you if this is your first time visiting. There you get to see yourself hopping into this bustling life vibes of wholesale trading activities, sell calls from the vendors as you are browsing for your shopping. You might get a little overwhelmed at first with trillions of smell and fragrant, color and noise, but once you get the hang of things here, you might develop an addiction out of it.

These markets usually provide you with all kinds of food, beverages, clothing, souvenirs, cosmetics, accessories.. coming for various sizes, packages., colors, uses sometimes. If you are not confident with your bargaining skills, try to invite a local friend who can guard you against ripoffs. BenThanh Night Market, Binh Tay Night Market, Ba Chieu Market Tan Dinh Market are well-known ones if you are close by.  It is true that you are not only learning, adapting but also saving something in your bags and especially your memories. You have now officially taken a big step into such a metropolitan, exciting hub culture.

Shoppping spree night in Saigon during holidays time.
Shopping spree night in Saigon.

And play it safe folks!

So we have just been through a couple of insights we just listed down for you in case you don’t have a plan to head out yet. No matter where you go, make sure you keep your mask on, wash your hands, try to keep your distance from one another as much as possible. Also, keeping an eye on your belongings, your food, and your drinks when you are out and about in public. It shall be a fun night for you but a busy night for thieves and bag snatchers.

At last, knowing it can be scary out there after the almost- third outbreak in Saigon, have you made your own decision? Stay in for the best or enjoy your night time out yet make it right?

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